Monday, August 28, 2017

Helpful Back to School Sleep Tips

Now that August has come to an end, the back-to-school season is officially upon us. It’s time to say good bye to the freedom of summer and say hello to early mornings and set schedules. Getting your child to transition to their new fall routine comes with its fair share of challenges, but at Mattress & More, we’re here to help. Learn more about how important sleep is during the school year and how you can help your child start the year off right.

Establish a Set Bedtime for Your Child

While your child may have had a flexible sleep schedule during the summer months, it’s important that they have more structure during the school year. When your child is well-rested, they will be more focused and attentive in class and their brains will do a better job retaining new information. To make sure your child gets enough sleep each night, set a bedtime for them to adhere to throughout the entire school year. If your child is 3-5 years old, set a bedtime that will allow them to get 10-13 hours of sleep. If your child is 6-12 years old then they should get about 9-12 hours of sleep. If you have a child 12 or older, make sure they get at least 8-10 hours of sleep.

Consider a Mattress Upgrade

Ensuring your child gets a good night’s sleep involves more than just establishing a bedtime. Your child’s mattress has a significant impact on both the amount of sleep they get as well as the quality. Since children are quite active and their body goes through a lot of changes, you need to make sure they have a mattress that offers sufficient comfort and support. If they are sleeping on a mattress that is showing signs of wear and tear, or if their growth spurts have caused them to literally outgrow their mattress, then it’s time to purchase a new one. At Mattress & More, we have an extensive collection of quality brand name mattresses that will allow your child to sleep soundly through the night. From innerspring mattresses that are as soft as a cloud to firm memory foam mattresses with body-contouring capabilities—our discount mattress store has it all!

Enhance their Sleep Space with Mattress Accessories

Every child has different needs when it comes to their ideal sleep space. Fortunately, we sell a variety of accessories that will give their mattress an instant upgrade. Does your child suffer from nighttime allergies? Purchase one of our hypoallergenic mattress covers, which will protect your child’s mattress from dust mites, mold, and a variety of other pesky allergens. Does your child often sweat or overheat as they sleep? Our microfiber sheet sets feature a soft, breathable fabric that provides a cool sleep surface every night!

Remember, a good night’s sleep is crucial to your child’s success, so they deserve nothing but the best. Come to Mattress & More today, where will find brand name mattresses for sale and a variety of quality mattress accessories, all of which will help your child sleep soundly. You can visit us in Shelbyville, KY or at any one of our 15 mattress stores located throughout Kentucky and Indiana.

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