Wednesday, December 5, 2018

How to Create a Comfortable Guest Room

With December in full swing, it’s safe to say the holiday season is upon us! As you start to solidify your plans for the major holidays and smaller, family and friend gatherings in between, the question of hosting is likely on your mind.

Whether you host a few loved ones every year or this is your first time housing guests for a few days, you want to be sure everything goes according to plan. At Mattress & More, we want to help increase your confidence in hosting with these tips on how to prepare your guest room for the perfect home away from home for your guests.

Ensuring your visitors have a space to decompress after their travel days and throughout their stay is the most important part of hosting for their piece of mind, and yours! Follow these tips to take the hassle out of hosting and to make the most of your families' stay.

1) Start with a Good Mattress

The upkeep of your guest room can be easy to forget about, especially since you’ve likely never stayed in your own and this can directly translate to the quality of the mattress in the room. If you haven’t replaced your guest room mattress in a few years or it’s a leftover mattress that is no longer used by someone who’s moved out of the house it is likely time to replace it! Check out Mattress & More’s selection of mattresses for hundreds less than you’ll find anywhere to make sure your guests sleep comfortably!

2) Declutter the Space

Often, guest rooms are used in other ways throughout the majority of the year including as a home office, storage space, or for personal gym equipment. It's important that your guest feels as if the space is their own for the duration of their stay and this will only be achievable if it is not completely filled with your own personal items. Stop by your nearest Mattress & More location to browse our bedroom furniture options in order to declutter and provide your guests with storage options for their own personal items.

3) Turn the Space into One Ideal for Sleeping and Entertainment

Your guest room should be more than just a space for those visiting to sleep at night. Your guests will want a space to decompress on their own between the hype of their visit. Provide guests with books and magazines to read during their stay and provide the WiFi name and password on a card for them to connect to.

4) Prep the Room Ahead of Time

The to-do lists for holiday plans and events can sometimes seem to grow faster than you can check things off so create them strategically, getting things that can be done at any time done way in advance. Prepping your guest room now, even if you’re still weeks away from hosting, is a great way to get started and reduce some stress right off of the bat.

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